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Doctors in general medicine are prepared to oversee patients giving a wide scope of intense and long haul medical conditions and symptoms. Doctors working in general internal medicine (GIM) have specific skill in demonstrative thinking, overseeing vulnerability, managing co-morbidities (complex medical problems involving multiple symptoms and conditions) and recognizing when strength feeling or care is required.

This Department started functioning with the beginning of the Hospital and is caring for all types of Medical illnesses. We have a regular OP Department including casualty. In the inpatient services, we have facilities for ICU; Ordinary & General wards admissions and management. Emergencies are immediately cared for and wherever required assisted ventilation and resuscitation measures are undertaken. Adequate arrangements are made for the care of unconscious and seriously ill patients. Apart from General Medicine emergencies, we deal with emergencies in respiratory diseases.

 Facilities in General medicine

    Emergency department

    Furnished Intensive care Unit

    BLS Ambulance service

    Mechanical ventilators

    C-PAP & Bi- PAP

Doctors in the Department

Malabar Hospital Pvt Ltd_Doctor

Dr.P.K. Asif Masood

Malabar Hospital Pvt Ltd_Doctor

Dr.Hisanath Beegum . CM


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